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Race and Neoliberalism
  • Zaid Jilani: 95% of Police Killings in 2015 Occurred in Neighbourhoods With Incomes Under $100,000 (8-Jul-2015)
  • It’s Not Just the Drug War - An Interview with Marie Gottschalk (Mar-2013)
  • Review of Marie Gottschalk - Caught: The Prison State (2015)
  • Huey P Newton 1968 Interview with The Movement Magazine from Jail After Police Killed Black Panther Members (21-Feb-2018)
  • This interview took place in 1968 while Huey Newton was in jail, after police killed several members
  • Adolph Reed Jr: Tokens of the White Left (14-May-2020)
  • Adolph Reed Jr: How Racial Disparity Does Not Help Make Sense of Patterns of Police Violence (16-Sept-2016)
  • "[The urge to aggressive (violent) policing emerges from an] imperative to contain and suppress the pockets of economically marginal and sub-employed working class populations produced by revanchist capitalism."
  • What Materialist Black Political History Actually Looks Like (8-Jan-2019)
  • "[#BLM/race-only perspective is] a demand that we not pay attention to the deeper roots of the pattern of police violence in enforcement of the neoliberal regime of sharply regressive upward redistribution and its social entailments."
  • Cancel by Plutocracy Suckering Honest Left-Radicals: Black Political Statements Across Time (NYU 2021)
  • M4BL: Vision for Black Lives
  • Black Lives Matters activists outline policy goals (21-Aug-2015)
  • Black Lives Matter Delivered Their 10 Point Manifesto, This Is What They Want (21-Nov-2021)
  • Cedric Johnson: The Triumph of Black Lives Matter and Neoliberal Redemption (9-Jun-2020)
  • Christian Parenti: The First Privilege Walk (18-Nov-2021)
  • "In short, the Privilege Walk and the seemingly radical ideology it propagates are fugazi — fake. The real effect of a focus on “privilege” is to hide the problems of class power and exploitation that are at the heart of capitalist social relations."


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