Chief Medic Admits Virus May Be Lab Leaked.

Admission about Coronavirus being wet market or lab leak is splitting hairs. Doesn’t matter if virus got out of the CCP/DARPA funded Institute via escaped mice, bats, or pangolin-loving Chinese scientists. The novel coronavirus itself originated in the lab’s gain-of-function research. Its evolution from earlier coronaviruses (like SARS) would’ve been accelerated by hundreds of research-infected test animals. Some escaped etc. Some always escapes. Virus then duly infected locals in Wuhan in 2019, and it inevitably spread around Wuhan and then China and then the world. Pandemic begins.

The US Government biotech establishment don’t want to be blamed for funding it. China doesn’t want blame for mismanaging it. Fauci was closely involved in directing the US collaborative funding after gain-of-function was banned from American soil. Chinese scientists were keen to take the risky research, to accelerate their own biotech industry.

Eventually the details will come out, probably disseminated a way that’ll allow mainstream media to publish details without too much fuel for public opinion turning to consensus on holding government accountable. My money’s on non-officially sanctioned information being  smoke-screened and censored and buck-passed until the pandemic is over. Maybe Trump will be pilloried. There’s a small chance Fauci will fall from grace (publicly).

Two things alone matter to the American propaganda machine: maximum gain minimum loss to the Biden administration (and its continued DARPA/NIH funding), and maximum time minimum obstacles to Pfizer/Moderna harvesting billions in profit, selling expensive and compulsory mass vaccinations to the world.

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