Capital “B” for Black. Lowercase “w” for White.

  • #blacklivesmatter
  • America and Britain have a legacy of race imperialism.
  • Ghettos and prisons are not a good solution.
  • Freedom of opportunity in individual lives should be the goal.
  • It is equity as opposed to equality.
  • Plutocracy’s self-preserving strategy is always division by atomization.
  • Conspiracy theory is a self-indulgent conceit.
  • Systemic racism doesn’t require a majority of overt racists.
  • Conscious racism is not the same as unconscious bias based on race; even if both are undesirable.
  • Cryptofascism means fascism (uniformity, purity tests, us versus Untermensch them) disguised as something else, often something that’s consciously parsed as anti-fascist but in fact conditions fascist thinking; or absolution for a privileged class.
Capitalizing “B” in Black is an identarian dogwhistle disguised as zero-cost virtue signalling.
Does it help any POC? No.
Does its use or omission signify anti-black racism? Nope.
Is it cleverly amplifying divisive wedge issues? Yep.
In fact, these types of socially regulated purity ‘tests’ have always been a deliberate crypto-fascist strategy.
“B” capitalized targets certain key demographics, to weaponize the obsessive-compulsive triggers of both POC-supporting and PC-haters (and others, too) so they’re sucked into wasting time reacting, arguing, policing each other’s bullshit transgressions. Divide and rule 101.
“B” capitalized is also becoming a shorthand, speaking to agents of the powers-that-be (journalists, content creators, Nomenklatura activists, etc). It marks an article or opinion piece as safe, conformist orthodoxy, i.e. “irrelevant storytelling” that’s designed to look progressive but in reality serve the interests of cabal propaganda.
“B” capitalized is one of a plethora of tactics designed to keep average people occupied, distracted, policing each other, but also atomized and harmless. Wedge issues are always anti-individual.
Meanwhile, nothing changes in the power dynamics of society except the creeping poison of exclusive techno-authoritarianism.