Capital “B” for Black. Lowercase “w” for White.


  • #blacklivesmatter
  • The Anglosphere and western Europe have a legacy of race imperialism.
  • Britain and then America have been imperial hegemons this past 200 years.
  • Ghettos and prisons are not a solution. Both are part of a neo-slavery exploitation.
  • Freedom of opportunity in individual lives should be the goal of a just society.
  • It is equity as opposed to equality.
  • Plutocracy’s primary self-preserving strategy is division by atomization. This is to be expected because the rich are few and the population at large is many.
  • Conspiracy theory is a self-indulgent conceit.
  • Systemic racism doesn’t require there to be a majority of overt, pro-active racists. Systems are active – today – as part of a lineage – with a history.
  • Heritage racist systems in a modern majority non-racist society is the original thesis of Critical Race Theory (CRT). The thesis is correct.
  • The original CRT – as applied to contemporary society – is a threat to existing power dynamics that carry enormous benefit from a lineage that exploited racism, slavery, etc. Against this threat, the establishment deploys its many-vectored attack.
  • Neoliberal interests strike back using identity and career-capital incentives. To that end, CRT becomes:
    • used a tool of political division and loyalty-purity standards by the identarian American Democratic “Left”;
    • weaponized as a profitable grift by the likes of Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X Kendi who’s pseudo-academic ‘ideas’ get elevated and amplified and legitimized (by the establishment) to displace the original CRT critiques.
  • Conservative reactionary interests strike back using culture wars and essentialist fear. To that end, CRT is:
    • reduced – or misrepresented – as a brutal caricature of the original thesis presented as an evolving (growing) violence of extremist threats to “home” culture, tradition, etc. [“They are out to destroy everything you love!”]
    • focusing attention away from history and towards only the moment and terrifying versions of the future, essentialist (race versus race) and personalized as an inversion of the true power balance.  [“Evil black gangsters will rob, rape and kill you – because you’re white!” – deftly flipping the race of aggressor and victim in who’s doing the robbing, raping and killing.]
  • Conscious racism is not the same as unconscious bias based on race; even if both are undesirable. Conflating the two is a sign of dishonest or brainless ambition.


Cryptofascism means Fascism (aggressive uniformity, violent purity tests, Masters versus Untermensch, racial essentialism) when it’s disguised as something else to bypass a society’s natural immune system. This disguise is often something that’s – on a conscious level – parsed and propagated as anti-fascist; but in fact plays out as an engine for Fascist thinking or absolution justification for a privileged “Master” class.

“Capitalizing “B” in Black is a zero-cost identarian dogwhistle disguised as virtue signalling. It serves a crypto-fascist purpose: racism. Racism is a frontline component of fascism.”

How can we tell something like using “B” in Black versus “w” in white is good or bad?

Test it against the simple litmus questions below:

  1. Does it materially help any of the under-served targets? [People of color (POC) or black-asian-minority-ethnicities (BAME)]
  2. Does its use versus its omission signify a useful test of an individual’s character? [Pro- or Anti- black – or POC/BAME – racism?]
  3. Does it serve to amplify or genuinely solve any wedge issues?
  4. Was it introduced by an organic call (or need) coming up from the grassroots or by directives coming down from an authoritarian, corporate or political hegemony?
  5. Who profits from pushing the usage? Who profits from flaunting the new usage?
  6. Who materially loses out from the new standard? Who gains what’s materially lost? Is this individually just or unjust?
  7. Is accountability for imposing the new standard individual or group/corporate? Is choice for its usage individual or group/corporate? Where does expediency lie?
  8. “Where all the white women at?” “See, it’s comin’ off!” “Have you gone berserk, can’t you see this man is a NI…
  9. Ten, ten, I forget what ten was for.

It should be obvious that “B” in Black doesn’t serve the interests of any POC.

In reality, like much of so-called virtue signalling, covertly serves the interests of those at the top of the social order.

These types of imposed socially regulated purity ‘tests’ are nothing new. They’ve always been a strategy of crypto-fascists. Sadly, they’re easier to identify in historical instances like the German Nazis, the Soviet Stalinists and the North Korea Kim Dictatorships, than in contemporary examples.

Hence this 500 word blog entry.


“B” Capitalized as Fascist-Racist Enabler Strategy

“B” capitalized targets certain key demographics, to weaponize the obsessive-compulsive triggers of both POC-supporting and PC-haters (and others, too) so they’re sucked into wasting time reacting, arguing, policing each other’s bullshit transgressions. Divide and rule 101.


“B” capitalized is also becoming a shorthand, speaking to agents of the powers-that-be (journalists, content creators, Nomenklatura activists, etc). It marks an article or opinion piece as safe, conformist orthodoxy, i.e. “irrelevant storytelling” that’s designed to look progressive but in reality serve the interests of cabal propaganda.

“B” capitalized is one of a plethora of tactics designed to keep average people occupied, distracted, policing each other, but also atomized and harmless. Wedge issues are always anti-individual.

Meanwhile, nothing changes in the power dynamics of society except the creeping poison of exclusive techno-authoritarianism.

“The capital “B” in Black is divide-and-rule 101. It’s a dogwhistle disguised as respect. It is designed to target the performative triggers of key demographics, POC-allies and POC-haters, to draw them into divisive argument, wasting time policing each other for banal, irrelevant transgressions. Capital “B” has become a shorthand, speaking to agents of the powers-that-be (journalists, content creators, influence directors, activists and Nomenklatura) to mark an article orthodox or suspect. It’s a tactic designed to keep average people busy and atomized. Wedge issues are always anti-individual. Meanwhile, it serves the real purpose: no challenge to elite wealth as techno-authoritarianism consolidates its power.”