Brexit. Deregulation. Grift or Opportunity?

Britain is big enough and rich enough to research, develop, patent and manufacture ALL its own medicines and vaccines.

R&D is a massive earner for the UK economy.
But the problem is how much of our national earnings end up grifted out of the loop vs how much gets used to energise British manufacturing (educating skilled workforce, investing in British productivity, etc)?

90% is grift, in 2021. What’s going to change that? Discussion isn’t even on the table. Boris & co are all about the grift but Labour is all about wasteful spending as if it’s the 1970s. Both are useless.

Anyone got a workable solution?

Grift or backward spending – Tory or Labour/LD – has been suffocating British excellence and starving British output for decades. Brexit deregulates restrictions on govt profligacy but is also a big potential opportunity. How do we break the waste cycle?

How do we make deregulation – independence from EU – into fuel for British creativity, manufacturer and cutting-edge standards?