Art. Commerce. NFTs. Shards. Boredom.

Cryptocurrency has a lot of potential. Blockchain is wonderful. Functionality. Making the bullshit bureaucracy of life simpler, faster, less of a waste of time. More of that, please!

Non-Fungible Tokens. Shards of NFTs. Buyers clubs. Art marketplaces. Modern art. Store of value. Corporate lobby displays. Boardroom vault collections. Generate publicity, buzz, art gallery zeitgeist attracting buyers in a self-perpetuating momentum, online virtual versions. Same game, maybe more inclusive – more energy turned into token exchanges. Whatever.

You know life is short, right?

Capitalism is a motivating system, forcing or coercing or attracting brains and time and attention and obsessive compulsive inventiveness. In a world of narcissists and greed. And we all get to hear about the snail’s pace of progress as if it’s getting faster and faster (as opposed to more and more).

And meanwhile, delude or indulge or spectate. Doesn’t matter. Decay, die.

You’re lucky if you find Non-Fungible Tokens or Modern Art or Netflix compelling.

Give me money for doing nothing. Or else, don’t. I’ll do nothing.

Decay, die.