America: Bombs Syria – Arms “Terrorists” – Oil Bonanza

Progressives who tweet about their opposition to Biden’s bombing of Syria won’t mention that the US is also:
  • Occupying 1/3 of Syria
  • Stealing Syrian oil & wheat
  • Crippling the Syrian economy with sanctions
  • Supporting Al-Qaeda affiliates in Idlib
  • Preventing reconstruction
  • Imposing Western corporate ownership across Syria and Iraqi oil fields and infrastructure

Reported in the mainstream media as a strike against “Iran’backed militia” when it’s Syrian and Iraqis in their native land.

  • No mandate from Congress.
  • After repeal of post 9/11 authoritarian authorization for President to bypass Congress in foreign military commands.
  • Where’s the legality
  • How can it be self-defense when it’s activity on foreign occupied land that’s no threat to America whatsoever.
  • Why is there no outrage in the mainstream media?
  • Why are these acts of organized mass violence not important enough to register as a moral imperative for people who claim to be anti-war, anti-Imperialism, advocates for POC, bleeding hearts for Palestinians oppressed by Israeli military aggression?

Hypocrisy is tediously persistent.